About Me

Hi! I am Mona

I believe all of us are born exceptional, however we have lost the connect with our own true self.

I am on a path to self discovery & invite you to join me and re-discover the real you!

Being an inquisitive child, I was always drawn to the unknown and was keen to know more about spiritual practices & natural healing methods. This was the reason I decided to learn Reiki. However, the day I started my Reiki journey, a transformation began. I started to see changes in myself – physically, emotionally & mentally.

Its simplicity and the amazing benefits drew me to Reiki and I started practicing regularly.

Over the last few years, Reiki has helped me grow as a person, heal many physical and emotional problems and further move on the path of healing.

I have worked with a number of individuals help find their true self and release physical, mental & emotional ailments.
For us its Reiki for life!

That which moves about in joy in the dreaming state is the Self,
fearless and deathless.
That is Brahman, the supreme.
-Chandogya Upanishad